About Us

QuoteWishes.com is a creative place, where I started this website to share, explore and make some creative space for our readers. Here you can relate to everyday emotions you are going through in your life, and learn to overcome your bad phases.

As I had gone through various phases of life and experiences are my biggest learnings. So, I try to express my emotions through this website. Hope you can relate and try to have a positive change in your life. If you like don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.


The Site was started in 2019.

I was from Childhood a creative person who loves sketching and drawing, I have always had a dream to create my own space where I can help people to heal through their life struggles brought by my creativity and drawings. Hence there is not a particular year but yes it is more than two decades since my creative space has come to this site. This is the site where I try to be purely genuine and express my heart.

Yes, there will be some who will love my work, and some will not. I am ok with that, criticism is always welcomed. Hence keep visiting this beautiful site for getting something amazing which directly comes from the heart and you can correlate with it.

If you want to express anything about this site you can email me at wishesquote@gmail.com